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Ghost Pine #13: Boys
Fifty-six pages of love, youth, and foolishness. Nine new stories about matching tattoos, my high-school punk band’s first out-of-town show, a snapshot of life on tour with Kepler, dancing late at night, and an elegy to Will Munro. (2014)
“Mandatory reading” — Broken PencilFeatured in Maximumrocknroll’s “Top Ten Zines”

Ghost Pine #12: Water
On being lost in translation in Japan, visiting the community museums of Nova Scotia, Truro fish n chips reviews. Plus: literary cat dreams and working in a depanneur. (2010)

Ghost Pine #11: Crows
Stories about broken hearts and broken teeth, high school activism, and working as a night-watchman. (2007) Featured in Maximumrocknroll’s “Top Ten Zines”

Ghost Pine #10: Wires
High school was a weird time. Here I write about the snotty punks, flamboyant gays, and Lebanese hip-hoppers that were my friends back in the day. Also metalheads. Plus: bonfire reviews! (2006)

Ghost Pine #9: Bees
The buzzing “bee” sides: a miscellany of stories and bits of writing from bursting notebooks. Includes thoughts on music and movies and stories about travelling and death. (2005)

Ghost Pine #8: Wolf
Carefully observed and recorded tales of cities and city life. Includes Chicago, New York, and of course Montreal. Magpies! Teenage MCs! Strange encounters! Friends! (2004)

Ghost Pine #7: Blood
Thoughtful stories about a variety of encounters with family. Travelling, staying at the cottage and at home. Plus skinny-dipping at work! (2003)

Ghost Pine #6
When I was twenty-one I worked in a doughnut shop and played in a punk band that I loved but was doomed to fail. This is that story. (2001)

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