April Update

9 04 2011

Ghost Pine: All Stories True won the Expozine Alternative Press Award for best English book!
Here’s how the judge described it: “The life and times of a young–and, by the end, not so young–politically engaged turn-of-the-millennium Canadian is captured in a collection that works equally well as stand-alone vignettes and as de facto autobiography.” Aw shucks.

I don’t think I’ve ever won anything before, let alone an award from the best zine fair in Canada! Pretty sweet, thanks to all involved. You can read about it at the Quill & Quire or on the Dep Le Pick Up blog.

Speaking of the mighty Dépanneur Le Pick Up, I will be hosting a zine reading there on Tuesday April 19 at 7PM (7032 Waverly, Metro De Castelneau). Here’s the info:

JULIAN EVANS returns to Montreal to launch the seventh issue of his long-running and awesome One Way Ticket zine, featuring stories of a year long sojourn in Pittsburgh that are both bittersweet and triumphant. A former resident of St. Henri, Julian currently lives in Guelph, where he operates a letterpress shop.

Current St. Henri denizen JONAH CAMPBELL, creator of low-budget food blog “Still Crapulent After all These Years” makes his reading debut at Depanneur Le Pick Up. Equal parts food critic and punk rocker, Jonah’s best work will be collected in the book Food and Trembling, forthcoming from Invisible Publishing in Fall 2011.

Also, one last thing before I forget. I was interviewed by genius Brendan Reed for his latest art project “Black Light Times.” Described on its website as “Interviews filmed under blacklight, with sound effects on the microphone, ” that’s pretty much what you get. Watch my hoodie shimmer!

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